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Fake Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Gold / Star Stone & Opalite.

This subject has been on my mind for a few years now.
I’ve been interested in Crystals for many years, and have made a business from them.
It really gets me annoyed when I see Crystal Shops selling fake or treated crystals without telling the customer what they are really buying, and worse still, charging over the odds prices for them.
Did you know!
The Dark Orange Citrine (especially Geodes, Tumble Stones, Clusters, Points, Beds) are infact Burnt Amethyst? Because Amethyst is more abundant than Citrine, they actually “bake” it to produce Citrine. Real Citrine is a lovely warm colour, very translucent and quite pale most of the time.
Most Smoky Quartz is infact Irradiated Quartz, they “microwave” it to produce the smoky colour. Real Smoky Quartz is an earthy colour, very translucent and quite pale most of the time.
Gold Stone / Star Stone (Blue and Brown/Red etc with what looks like a regular pattern of Glitter) is a man made stone. Don’t get sold it when your looking for Sunstone (bit like Labradorite with the Orange Flash)
Opalite, that stone which kinda looks like Very Good Quality Rainbow Moonstone is not much more than plastic! I saw a shop last week selling it as “one of the best gemstones for healing”.
Carnelian – this is often just dyed agate.
Turquoise, often the real stuff reformed and coloured, or simply dyed Howlite. Personally, I stick to Tibetan Turquoise and only buy it if I know the source. If your buying loose nuggets, go for the ones with a hole drilled though – its probably from Tibet / Nepal.
I really cant tell real from the fake in Lapis Lazuli & Malachite. That’s why I only buy from trusted sources.
Don’t you all think its wrong? At the least surely it should be against the Trades Description Act?


At first I tended to agree with you. I too work in the gem business....but then I thought I would ask you how exactly you think Citrine and Smokey are formed? And what is Ametrine? Have you handled huge citrine cathedrals and geodes? Irradiated smokey I can't actually go near it 'smells' to me but I have a rather large piece that I am working on trying to heal and I will let you know if it can be helped so that its properties can be used again for ourt own good.
I can tell real malachite and turquoise and lots of other stones that draw fake copies. But to be honest I did have a problem with jade untill year before last when I actually finally came across a real piece! Before then I had avoided it, it didnt suit me and I couldnt get a song out of it... then I came across a seam of real bright jade and wowow!
If the stone works and helps does it matter?
If a person is happy with their aquirement then does it matter?
And yep try calling trading standards lol and see what they say...! I have!
Interesting post xxxxx


Hi Crystal,
Thanks for the reply!
Crystals are pure. If a quartz is to be smoky or citrine then the earth will have worked its wonders, not the exporter.
Does anyone have any technical info regarding the irradiation of quartz? How its standardised, regulated and kept to safe levels?
However, I totally agree that the treated crystals still have vibration. And yes, if the stone works and helps then that's great, but I do get angry when a customer asks for citrine and they are sold a burnt amethyst, its only right they are told "well this tumble stone is £1, but the natural citrine is £2". The customer knows crystals come from the ground and they expect their crystal to be the same as when it was taken from the mine.
With the Malachite and Lapis, I think my comment meant when its set in Jewellery, mostly when the back is encased in a metal. I recently purchased a huge amount of malachite jewellery, a week later my supplier called and told me to send it all back - it turned out to be very very good fakes! She has been importing jewellery since 1970 and she couldn't tell!
Yes, I love the huge Cathedrals etc, and their only down side is the price, its such a shame more people who want them cant afford them.
I caught the end of a Shopping Channel on FreeView a few nights ago, selling very good quality jewellery etc from Somerset, however in the 5 or 10 mins that I saw, not once did they tell people that Opalite was manmade, and it was being sold along with natural quartz etc. IF they did, that thats wonderful. Opalite is hugely attractive to many people.
Crystals are amazing, and the best part of my working day is when children see a selection of Tumble Stones and are amazed by their colour and texture. Children are called to them, and when their parents tell them to put them back, they will keep them in their hands until the very last second!
Crystal, if you have a shop or sell crystals, please send me a private message so I can give you details of a Burmese Jade Jewellery supplier in London!
Im not a crystal expert. While im here tapping away, does anyone have info on Birthstones? I am confused about their selection. Is there an original set of crystals associated with the Zodiac, and has the discovery of new stones given us crystals which are better suited to a particular month?


my two cannot get enough rocks or crystals..the youngest normally works around with a piece of angelite and the older one normally chooses snowflake obsidian or red jasper!!! interestingly enough they tend to avoid "man made" crystals even the pretty sparkly cats eye and colours of goldstones etc...

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