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Help allergic reaction to eyebrow tint...

Help allergic reaction to eyebrow tint...
  For the last two years I've been dyeing my own eyebrows. I have used two products and when the first I used becameimpossible to find I tried a newbrand.

Anyway I've used it at least 4 or 5 times and had no problem. Then about two weeks ago I noticed my eyebrows were red and itchy. I put it down to stress and didnt think it was due to the dye as I had used it about a week before the symptoms started.

So,I used it again today and over the last few hours they are red and itchy only worse than before...

Two questions:

How can this all of a sudden come about when it gave me no problems before??

And more importantly, what the hell can I do to ease the itchiness and calm down the redness?? I have to go out tomorrow night and I'm freeeeaaakkked out!!!:(


Oooh forget it thanks!

I've just spotted the very helpful thread currently right above this one on allergic reactions!! Thanks manc lass:)


I hope they are feeling better soon.


Awww thank you!!:)

Looking a bit better today, still scary though

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